Analysis and Concept

Any project needs discovery and analysis first. To build a good functional product we need to learn a lot from you and therefore we’ll ask numerous questions. This allows us to turn your ideas and needs into a clear application concept. This step requires intense communication and helps to produce functional, non-functional and business requirement specifications and build a data model.


The design stage is the essential side of the project and the application success largely depends on it.

Based on the application concept and requirement specification created during the analysis phase we build user interface and code structure. This is the moment when visual layout starts taking shape. We produce use cases and make up the application  screen map showing connections between the screens. When the basic layout is complete our UI designer starts elaborating screen details and visual elements. Animation and sounds are added during this stage as well. We prepare an interactive prototype that has to undergo a cycle of reviewing, tuning up and approving. The result of the prototype approval is a statement of work.

Alongside the prototype approval procedure our architect prepares the data model, designs the required infrastructure and brings together integration requirements as the application needs to interact with a web-site or any other system.

QA specialists prepare a preliminary testing plan, determine a test panel that will help to make sure the application is functioning as it is supposed to.


This is the point when the application starts materializing. Once the structure and UI design are ready we start application development. Designers and QA’s assist the development process. Parallel to this we tune up client-server interaction on the server. In the course of the application development, we use requirement-based test cases and make all the necessary adjustments based on them. As a matter of practice, development process is unique for every client.


We do not consider the work as complete until our QA team has carried out the entire set of test cases. During such tests the QA specialists deliberately create conditions that make the application work incorrectly. They carefully describe all experiments and send such reports to our developers who fix the discovered bugs. After the testing process is over the application becomes a release candidate. After your approval the app is ready for launch.


After the application is approved and works as it was supposed to, it is ready to meet its first users. We prepare everything for the launch and a new icon will soon appear on application stores.


We work out recommendations for your application marketing, share our own experience and show you how analytical tools work for your app when you carry out advertising campaigns. We integrate these tools into your application by default. Your marketing team will get several analytical systems that collect your application metrics.


Shortly after the application launch we start receiving and processing user response data and the information collected by the inbound tools that can identify problems your app users might encounter. We analyze the said data and take all and any actions to settle all the issues and make the app stable. Our support also includes updates to the latest OS versions provided several times a year by smartphone manufacturers. This guarantees ultimate support of all up-to-date mobile devices.

Making progress

Based on the whole statistics volume, user feedback and new technologies available we shape an improvement list to be implemented in future versions of your application. These improvements can relate to the application workflow optimization and speeding up or functional improvements.