Android application

Design for Android app DocDoc

DocDoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience for millions of patients. The user can find the nearest hospitals and clinics from the current location and view doctor’s schedule easily from a smartphone, booking and cancel appointments. DocDoc is more than 30 thousand specialists, 2 thousand clinics in the more than 16 cities.

Our team created UI/UX Design for Android app.


Choosing a doctor

The search results are displayed in a list or on a map. In the list, it is easier to compare doctors by rating and cost of admission, and on the map to find the nearest clinic.

Doctor's list

Rating and Review


Rating & Review

The user can read doctor’s reviews from real patients. Give ratings and reviews to your doctor after a consultation. Check out Popular Doctors – doctors with the highest ratings.

Care about the patient

The user doesn’t miss the appointment with the doctor. The app will send push notification about the appointment.


Customer feedback